Top 5 Billionaires in the World

The record of the world's richest men can change annually. This change depends on their newest net worth and financial show. To know more about the latest billionaire in 2021 and some important things about them read this article.

Jeff Bezo

This is one of the wealthy men in the world. He is the founder of Amazon and also the CEO. His worth net is $193.4 billion. He was placed as number one of the richest men on Earth presently. Jeff Bezo founded Amazon in the year 1994. He is one of the people the economic commerce has benefitted through the online shopping during Corona virus pandemic. He is once married, but divorced his wife Mackenzie in the year 2019 which he transfer quarter of Amazon post to her.

Elon Musk

He makes his money through transportation both on Earth and air. He makes electric car called Tesla. He also produces rocket Space X. His rocket company is now merit at $100 billion. His electric car, Tesla had become the most valuable automaker that worth $342 billion.

Bernard Arnault &Family

This man is rank as the third-richest man in the world. He is the chairman and CEO of LVMH- France. He is a business man, his bet worth is $155.1 billion. He achieves this from his business through his empire of more than 70 brands plus Sephora and Louis Vuitton. He won the $100 billion wealth last year ear December.

Bill Gates

He is one of the founders of Bill and Merlinda Gates foundation. He is the founder of software giant Microsoft this makes him to have a net worth of $123.2 billion. He won the $100 billion last year in April.

Mark Zuckerberg

He is the youngest billionaire in the world. He is the co-founder, CEO and chairman of Facebook. His net worth is $98.5 billion and today he owns 15% post in Facebook.
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