3 important things to know about visitax

Paying the visitax tax is no longer a secret among Quintana Roo travelers. For beginners, it may seem new or may be unclear. However, it is a simple but mandatory system. What should you know about the visitax? Find out in this article, 3 important things about visitax.

A requirement

The visitax has become, since April 2021, an obligation to be fulfilled by all visitors to tourist sites in the state of Quintana Roo. To learn more, feel free to visit https://visitax.eu/ Those concerned For all tourists, the visitax is necessary. If you are in any country in the world, and you want to travel to areas like Quintana Roo, it concerns you. However, there are some exceptions. People traveling for purposes other than leisure, business, study and health will not be required to pay the tourist tax. The same applies to children under 5 years of age. Apart from these conditions, you must comply with the law.

Getting the visitax

To pay your visitax, you won't have to bother anymore. Indeed, a site is dedicated for this occasion. So you can do it via the Internet. You just have to go to the platform, and then you will have to provide your real information. After that, you can proceed to the payment. In the end, you will be sent a unique code. This method is very beneficial to save a lot of time.