All about Ethereum

Among the existing cryptocurrency assets, Ethereum currently ranks second. Just behind Bitcoin, this virtual currency is ideal for professional investments and trading activities. It is accessible on many cryptocurrency platforms and is therefore a good option for diversifying your financial portfolio and investments.

What is Ethereum?

Better known as ETH, Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency at the moment. Visit this site to find out more It is currently worth around 2090 euros on exchange and brokerage platforms. It is in fact the second best priced currency after Bitcoin. Ethereum is therefore a cryptocurrency of great interest to investors in the financial market.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two major virtual currencies to date. However, the latter differs from its direct competitor on several points. First, it should be noted that they are created in separate years based on specific projects and goals. Bitcoin intends to establish itself as both a virtual investment currency and a commercial currency for international exchange. Ethereum, on the other hand, intends to revolutionize the world of smart contracts.
Also, Bitcoin sets a cap for the circulation of tokens at 21 million on the market. This ensures the long-term stability of the latter over time. Ethereum on the other hand does not set a limit on the creation and sending of tokens. Therefore, mining remains perpetual and can continue indefinitely.

How do Ethereum token transactions work?

As previously stated, the goal of Ethereum is to revolutionize current smart contract solutions. Technically, no transactions can be made from one user to another from their wallets. They would have to go through the blockchain that will allow the exchange of tokens. No need to use specialized applications with long and complex procedures for many people. This classic system allows this virtual currency to stand out from its direct competitors who use the same process.