Choosing between uber and a local cab in Las Vegas

Are you visiting Las Vegas? Do you want to get around easily and without constraints? The two types of transportation in Las Vegas are local cabs and Uber. Discover in this extract a comparison of these two types of transportation in order to make the best choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of transport with Uber

Getting a ride with uber is full of advantages. Click for a better description of Uber. For starters, you are the one who calls the driver no matter where you are and he comes to meet you. All you need is a mobile device and the Uber application. The ride with Uber is not expensive. It depends on the distance you travel. Moreover, this ride is much safer.

The major disadvantage of Uber is that when you call the cab driver, it can take a long time to come and meet you. This is not very convenient when you are pressed for time. Another disadvantage of Uber is that you need to have a cell phone to be able to call a cab driver.

Advantages and disadvantages of transporting with local cabs

Choosing local cabs in Las Vegas is full of advantages. With local cabs you won't have to waste a minute because they are available at any corner and when you leave your hotel they are there to take you wherever you want. So if you are in a hurry the best option is to take a local cab.

However, taking a local cab is not without its drawbacks. In remote areas, it is difficult to find cabs easily. Moreover, these taximans are sometimes dishonest. They take long detours in order to charge you more than you normally would. Their normal fares are not great either.