How does a heated jacket work?

When winter comes, choosing the right clothes is key. Many choose the heated jacket. If the advantages are known to all, some are still hesitant to integrate it into their style of clothing during the winter. For good reason, the misunderstanding related to the production of heat. But, how exactly does a heated jacket work? Discover the answers following this article.


The heated jacket keeps you warm during winter periods. You can buy it on shopify. In the heated jacket is integrated a resistance system. This one is similar to radiators. The resistances of the heated jacket are programmed to diffuse an even heat. For a greater supply of heat, the resistances are integrated in strategic places of the jacket. Through the fibers, the heat covers the entire interior of the jacket, which allows you to keep warm. No need to wear an extra coat. In general, not all heated jackets are equipped with the same number of resistors. Some have more than others. However, the location remains the same. The resistors are placed around the back, stomach and neck. The heated jacket is not functional at all times. You can turn it on and off at your convenience.

How to charge the heated jacket

The resistors incorporated in the heating jacket operate according to an electrical system. It is therefore necessary that they are supplied with energy in order to fulfill the function for which they were designed. In heated jackets, there are rechargeable batteries. They are the energy source of the resistors. Of course, you don't have to be near an outlet before you can benefit from the heating of the jacket. Simply recharge the battery for later use. To recharge the battery, unplug it from the jacket. Recharge with the dedicated charger. Once the battery is full, put it back where it was disconnected.