Playing the G chord on the guitar: how is it done?

Playing the guitar implies knowing certain prerequisites such as chords. These are of various categories. Among these, we must identify the G chord or G chord. Playing this chord requires mastering a few variations, which are presented below in this article.

First variation of the chord on the G (G)

To make guitar chords finger placement G, there are several methods . The first variation consists of placing your ring finger on the first string (high E) of the third box. Then you hold the A which is the 5th string. This done, you press the 6th string which is only the low E, while keeping your fingers on the previous strings. To practice even more easily, you can arrange the signs in a tablature. Thus, you will be given to see that the strings are each represented by a dotted line with numbers indicating the box on which to press. In the case of this chord, you will be offered to press the third box precisely on the treble E. To complete the chord you will have to press the strings indicated below.

Second variation of the chord on the floor

In the second case of variation, it is a matter of playing the chord using the strikethrough strategy. Here, it will be a question of starting with a sweep of several strings. You will start with the E low and end on the D (D) passing through the Si (B) and the E high. Then, accompany this movement with the support of the A and D strings on the 5th square. To finish your chord, the middle finger of your hand should press the G (G) string into the 4th box. Here are two methods to perform a G chord on the guitar. If you want to learn more, download the chord dictionary: Coach Chords.