Some advice to find the owner of a lost dog without a tag

If you find a stray dog without an owner, it could be an abandoned dog but also a lost dog. In this case, his owners will probably be looking for him. It is therefore possible that he is hungry or thirsty, hot or cold, that he ends up being hit by a car. So what can you do to help him? This article gives you some tips on how to help the lost dog.

Catching the stray dog

If the dog looks healthy and is not aggressive, then you can approach it. A lost or abandoned dog is disoriented and a sudden movement could frighten it into running away. This is why it is important to approach the dog very gently and not abruptly. You can coax it with a little food. This content help you to find out more. You will see at this point that the dog will approach you once you have gained its trust. You can also give him some water when it is hot to reassure him. Not all stray animals are abandoned, especially in built-up areas. You should ring the doorbells of the nearest houses. You can also ask people if they have seen the dog before. This can make things easier.

If the dog does not have a tag

In cases where the dog does not have a tag, you can stay with the dog for a reasonable time. At this time, the owner may be looking for him or he would be about to arrive. If the owner does not arrive, you should take the dog to the nearest veterinarian so that it can be checked for a microchip to locate its owners. If it has a chip, the vet will then access all its details and contact its owner. If the dog does not have a microchip, the vet will call the collection service, which will take the animal to the pound or to a shelter.