Steps to replace a faucet yourself

Whether it's refurbishing all the bathroom faucet fixtures or just replacing a faulty faucet, you can perform the subtle steps of faucet replacement yourself. With the tools below, you're likely to succeed.

Precautions before disassembling the faucet

Before you start replacing the failing tap, you need to cut off if you have a stopcock. If not, use it to water your home and turn off the water. Open the tap to release the pressure in the pipe and turn off the power when the water stops. Block the sink to prevent small pieces of the tap from falling down the drain. If you need to fill up with water before installing a new tap, you can block the water inlet with a drip cap. For more details navigate to this website

Removing the bath tap

The most complicated procedure involves accessing the tap fittings and unscrewing the tap. First of all, you need to disconnect the water supply hose from the faucet. To do this, you need to loosen the hot and cold water connections. Then loosen the locking rod so that the tap can be removed. Then loosen the lock nut under the tap on the other side of the bath wall. The old tap can now be removed. Always remove the gasket and clean the bracket thoroughly before installing a new mixing valve.

Replace the faucet

After removing the old faucet, you need to assemble the new faucet and attach it to the tub. This last step is easy to do, but it is imperative that all fittings are screwed on tightly and gaskets in place to ensure the pipework is watertight. The operation is equivalent to replacing the sink mixer. It is important that you ensure that you have screwed the fittings back in place for your tap to work properly.