What are the advanced reading features on e-readers?

E-readers offer a host of advanced reading features that enhance the digital reading experience. These features provide several benefits to users and continuously arouse their interest towards e-readers. These combined benefits provide readers with unparalleled comfort and personalization, approaching the experience of reading a traditional book. This article introduces you to the different features that make e-readers versatile and popular reading tools.

Integrated lighting

One of the most popular features of modern e-readers is their built-in lighting. Do not hesitate to consult the website about e-readers to learn more about this type of tool. Known as a backlight, this built-in light allows users to read their e-books in low-light environments. They can therefore read without the need for an external light source.  
The built-in light offers a practical solution for people who like to read at night or in places where ambient lighting is limited. Whether you’re traveling or just lying in bed, you can adjust the light intensity to get the optimal level of brightness. Most modern e-readers offer lighting adjustment options, allowing you to choose from several levels of brightness. You can increase or decrease the light intensity to suit your personal preference and reading environment.

Touch screen

Another common feature of e-readers is the touch screen. With this technology, users can directly interact with the device using their fingers for various tasks. These include navigation in the menus and access to the various functionalities. The touch screen greatly facilitates the handling of the e-reader. You can simply touch the screen to select options or perform specific actions, without the need for additional physical buttons.  
This makes navigation intuitive and smooth, providing an enjoyable reading experience. In addition to navigation, the touchscreen also allows interaction with the content of the e-book itself. You can highlight text, take notes, or even use pinch gestures to zoom in on images or adjust text size. These content manipulation features provide additional customization and flexibility.

Adjusting font size and layout

An essential feature of e-readers is the adjustment of font size and layout. This allows users to tailor the appearance of text to their reading preferences. Adjusting the font size is especially useful for people with vision problems or who prefer a larger font size. E-readers usually offer multiple font size options, ranging from small to large.  
You can easily adjust the text size with just a few clicks or using touch gestures. This allows you to find the readability level that works best for you. In addition to font size, e-readers often offer additional customization options. These include the choice of fonts, typefaces and style. There is a wide selection of fonts available for you to choose from.

Built-in dictionary

One of the handy features of e-readers is the built-in dictionary. This feature allows you to quickly view the definition of a word by simply selecting it on the screen. When you come across a word that you don’t know or want to know the meaning of, just highlight the word. Once the word is selected, a dialog box will appear, usually giving you options such as definition, translation, or search.  
By clicking on the appropriate option, you instantly access the definition of the word, which can be displayed directly on the screen. The built-in dictionary can support multiple languages and allow you to look up definitions in different foreign languages. This is especially useful when reading books in a language you are not fully familiar with.