What are the areas of activity of AB7 Group?

AB7 Group is a family business known for the quality of the various products it markets. It specializes in several areas of activity which mainly concern the maintenance of humans, housing and pets. Keep reading this article, to learn more.

AB7 Group operates in the field of human health

Human health is one of the main concerns of AB7 Group. Their various laboratories develop cosmetic products that provide optimal comfort to users. More about the author is available here. These products are made from natural ingredients and ensure your well-being throughout the day. They are easy to use and you can slip them into your bag. AB7 Group's cosmetic solutions are suitable for both women and men. In the AB7 Group hygiene and cosmetics department, you will find moisturizing and clarifying ranges, milks, shower gels, soaps, shampoos, creams, etc. Cosmetic products are available for body and hair maintenance.

AB7 Group is involved in the manufacture of cleaning products

If you are looking for the ideal brand for your maintenance products, AB7 is the one for you. This group offers a range of cleaning products suitable for all types of housing. Since this is a complete range, you will find products to thoroughly clean your floors, products to fight against insects of all kinds, products to unclog your pipes, etc. The products of the AB7 group are certified and ecological. You can therefore opt for natural products in the maintenance of your home. Thanks to AB7 products, you can rid your roof of the waste that clutters it up in no time. There are also products to ensure the maintenance of your swimming pool. AB7 Group cleaning products allow you to keep your home clean inside and out.

AB7 Group internet in the context of animal health

The health of companion animals is also one of the priorities of AB7 Group. For this, several treatments have been put in place in the laboratories to ensure the well-being of the animals. Food supplements have been developed to allow your animals to be in top shape. There are also anti-stress products to help your dogs or cats cope with stressful situations.