What are the different types of cider ?

Cider is an alcoholic drink that is obtained from the fermentation of apple juice. Several types of cider are produced from this alcoholic fermentation. What are they? And what are their specific characteristics? Discover through this article all the 5 types of cider that exist.

Rosé cider and ice cider

Of all the types of cider, rosé cider is the easiest to recognise. Click on https://www.maison-sassy.com/en/ for more information. Indeed, it is possible to distinguish it thanks to its unique colour which comes from a plurality of red-fleshed apples. Other forms of cider are classified as part of the rosé cider. These include strawberry flavoured cider, cranberry flavoured cider and raspberry flavoured cider.

As for ice cider, it is made from apples or must that have been frozen during the winter. After a few months of fermentation, the must releases aromas of caramel, honey, etc. This type of cider goes very well with strong cheeses.

Sparkling cider and still cider

As its name suggests, effervescent cider is very sparkling, carbonated with each sip. Depending on the technique used by each manufacturer, it can be semi-dry, brut or even sweet. Generally, the minimum alcohol content of effervescent cider is 2% and the maximum is 12%.

In contrast to effervescent cider, still cider is a flat cider without effervescence. It is quite versatile and is made from apples that are picked when fully ripe. The alcohol content of a still cider is between 1.5 and 14%. Therefore, some still ciders are sweet and some are dry.

Fire cider

It is produced by a process of evaporation through heat. Fire cider has a copper colour and can have a flavour of candied fruit or baked apples. Its alcohol content often varies from 9 to 15%. It has a burning acidity in the mouth.